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I’d like to introduce myself as there have been exciting changes in my business recently.  My name is Liz, as a massage therapist, reiki master, and coach I port st lucie massage have learned that the body holds memory and emotions related to trauma.  This helps me guide clients to deeper questions to help uncover and understand what their body is trying to say so we can develop action steps to work through these blocks.

I was a victim of violence in my childhood as well as in my adult life and I know what it’s like to go on for years feeling like you have no voice, feeling like you have to hide and just try and forget it happened.  I know what it’s like to always being scared of not pleasing others for your own safety, always second guessing decisions about what would be best for you and living in fear of the next time.  It took it’s toll on me in other forms like not standing up for myself, being victimized by the religious institution, my own self-worth tanked, I seemed to attract abusive relationships, and in motherhood, I felt like my children were against me.  It began to take a hold on my health and self-care because I was always putting other people before my own basic needs.

I offer a holistic approach to help women who have been victims of violence in the past and no longer want to feel they are still controlled by that past. I was a victim of violence myself so I know how debilitating it can be in all aspects of life. I understand the constant fear: the fear of standing up for yourself, voicing your truths, setting boundaries and taking care of your own needs before others. The cycle of the victim mentality affects one’s health, one’s family life, and one’s business and it creates a ripple effect of allowing more abuse to enter life in other forms. I provide a non-judgmental safe space to neutralize the inner conflict and bring about the inner peace, granting you the freedom and courage to live your life base on what is uniquely right for you.

My purpose in life is twofold. First and foremost,I want you to know that you are not alone. Secondly, I am here to help you reveal the power you have always had inside you and to help you develop the life perspective that you are a survivor.

In my work, I use meditation, reiki, and coaching to empower others to connect with themselves and bring about awareness to the deep seeded beliefs, suppressed emotions, and destructive patterns brought about from past trauma and abuse.  Allowing them to neutralize the inner conflicts and bring about the peace and balance from within as well as step into the courage to live their life on their own terms instead of in constant fight or flight mode.  I myself was a victim of violence when I was younger and had lived in a continuous cycle of the victim mentality for a very long time.

Some personal fun facts about me are 1.)  I am a wife and have 3 children, 1 boy and 2 girls and a dog . 2.) I spin props – it started in high school in color guard, not I spin hoops and contact staff and some poi.  ( I have spun fire poi!) 3.) I dislike cold weather-  yes I think FL still gets too cold! And 4.) I love animals – especially Horses, dogs, and cats.

I have made it through a huge transformation in my life and writing this will be a part of my final stage this time around.  Some of you know that the past 2 years for me have been full of shifts, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Does anyone else ever feel like they are re-introducing themselves? Like you keep unlocking a HUGE part of your life’s purpose that you have to add and tweak and then let everyone know about the new and improved you? This describes a big part of my life. It’s almost like my life has been preparing me to help guide others through the same process. To empower people to walk into the depths of their own transformation

While my eyes have been set on one goal.  What is my purpose?  My medicine? How can I help other’s around me, change the world and bring joy and freedom into my own life all at the same time?   There have been twists and turns, detours, inspiration and guidance all along the way.  With all of these experiences and awareness and even more guidance, I have finally arrived at my soul’s purpose in this world.

*Drum roll please*


There has been so many lessons and teachings along this journey of mine and to be quite honest it’s been a lifetime in the making.  I have experienced trauma at a young age, and grew up in a rigid container of control, shame, and guilt but despite all of this I was able to shelter and protect the part of myself that loved to express myself, through poetry and singing and managed to cultivate the most powerful feeling on earth- love. I was able to keep loving connections in my family while I hid my shame from them. They knew something was wrong but still do not know what. I was able to love God even tho what I was taught in church was my soul and those of my children would never be worthy of a happy life on earth or heaven. I took the silken threads of my life experience and spun them around myself like a cocoon. I would do the same for others without even realizing it. I would shift the energy in those around me from desperation to empowerment. Helping them be the best version of themselves or a group dynamic. I would lead from the shadows because I hate the spotlight – for me, the spotlight and attention are not safe – I am vulnerable, something will be my fault if something goes wrong. Somehow I still showed up for others when they were hurting, emotionally, physically or mentally. Listening deeply and letting them feel heard and understood, accepting them for exactly who they were and where they were in life Then by just being me I walked with them to the other side – the side of happiness, joy, and empowerment. I’ve often been referred to as a know-it-all which to me was never a negative thing; honestly, I took pride in the label.

Slowly I emerged from the chrysalis and separated myself from the oppressive feelings that kept me feeling trapped and scared. Especially when I opened a business and I had to be put in the spotlight for my voice to be heard. In this spotlight, I still have to walk through my own transformation process – often in fact. I am a self-motivated go-getter who constantly steps through fear to pursue my goals and dreams. I have a relaxed self-confident presence that brings others around me at ease to help them feel safe. I empower and inspire others by taking myself through my own experiences; leading the way for others to do the same on their own journey. I express my worries, joys, difficulties and successes so that others may feel they are not alone; empowering them to step out and into who they are.  I use my intuitive gifts to coach others without even realizing it.

Sometimes I am still scared but then remember my journey. I know how to remove the layers that keep people from the core of who they truly are. I know the process and the feeling of feeling like you’ve gone 10 steps backward when you heal the surface layer of a wound and the next level jumps out at you and demands attention.

It makes so much sense as to why I am the way I am.  Why I have had the experience of things I needed to in order to understand and truly accept and take on my purpose.  In being guided to this I was also guided to my medicine! Funny how those works isn’t it?  I have been trying to figure out exactly what I am it seems like for so very long.  I could never quite reach the answer it seemed.  I was not yet ready for it.  I know this because the signs were everywhere and looking back I see them in plain sight – right in front of my nose.

What is my medicine?I do not want to -fix- you. It is not my job to save you. I don't want to give you band-aides for the holes in your boat. However I will sit with you in your boat while it sinks,

To honor me and others as we move through different life cycles; being a safe cocoon during metamorphosis.   Gently, calmly, lightly, peacefully.  I call you to embrace your ability to transform, take the next step in transformation and awaken you to dance on the wings of life.


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