Are you stressed out and in pain?  Is your life happening “to” you?  

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Are you feeling:

  • Exhausted
  • Overwhelmedport st lucie massage
  • Irritable
  • Unable to focus
  • Anxious
  • Stuck

All of these are signs that you are not giving yourself the time you need to fill your cup.  Unfortunately this can get you stuck in a cycle of negative thoughts, imbalances causing illness, pain and states of feeling hopeless, desperate and fearful.  All of this is closely tied with the type of life you are experiencing now and has a much greater effect then you may realize.  

port st lucie massage

Here is an example of what I mean.  

A Day In The Life Of Chronic Stress And Pain

Meet Mary – she is a Wife, Mother, and Business Owner

She wakes up from a sleep that wasn’t restful because she couldn’t calm her thoughts to get to sleep and her shoulders and neck kept waking her up. She is thinking she can’t stand her life the second she opens her eyes because she’s got to be perfect for her husband and kids, as well as for her clients and business – she’s overwhelmed. She’s straining her relationships with her husband and kids, client and co-workers, taking her pain and stress out on them constantly. She’s drained, she doesn’t have the energy to play with her kids, share time with her husband and keeps coming up with excuses not to go out with her friends.  She’s not effectively productive in running her business because she can’t focus and she’s not finding her passion as much as of a passion as it used to be. She is sick and tired of being sick and tired. She’s losing money by isolating herself, therefore not networking or talking to people about her business. She’s losing money on pain killers, anti depression and anxiety medication. She….Just….. Can’t….. Anymore. She’s filled with guilt for how she feels and acts and is too ashamed to let anyone know so that they may help her and support her.

  • port st lucie massageShe is in pain
  • She is not able to cope with stress
  • Her relationships are strained
  • Her income is decreasing
  • She uses vacation days as sick days – pulling even more time for herself out of reach
  • She loses the passion in motherhood, wife-hood, in business and in her life

She has forgotten how to balance her needs with the needs of others.  She’s been told over and over she must sacrifice things that make her happy for the greater good of her family and for her business.  She is feeling stuck in a rut and doesn’t see a way out.  She does not feel worthy of investing in her time and in herself financially.  She is a giver and is happy to help others, but right now she feels resentful of giving so much.  On top of that she also feels ashamed for feeling this resentment so the cycle continues as her mind is chaotic when she tries to go to sleep for the night.

By this example you can see how your stress may be causing more than just your pain.  This imbalanced cycle can be seen like spiderwebs through other parts of your life.  

Chronic pain completely makes you feel detached from your life.  It affects every single thing that you do from the moment you wake up to the moment you finally fall asleep.  You feel like you are losing your life. All of these things are happening around you and you can’t even participate.port st lucie massage

Are you ready to get your life back?   I want to help you.  

Not “Just a massage”

I’ll be honest from the start – If you’re looking for “just a massage” I am not going to be the best fit for your needs.  

However, if you’re looking to transform your life, if you’re ready to stop being overwhelmed,  stressed out, and in pain – I’m ready to work with you towards your goals.  My services use a variety of bodywork techniques,  coaching and action steps to get you on the path of living your fulfilling life.   Don’t worry if you are not local to me to receive massage I am still available to coach you!  Tackle your pain, manage your stress and start participating in your life again.  Live your life on purpose; with purpose.  

My goal is to help you bring empowerment, balance, inspiration and happiness to your life.  I am ready to invest my time, knowledge, and energy into your success!  

My question for you is: Are you ready to invest in yourself to live the life you’ve been dreaming of?

Lets look back at Mary after she decided to invest in herself and refill her cup.  

She wakes up rested, surprise that she was able to fall asleep quicker because her thoughts weren’t chaotic.  This sets the tone of her day with positive thoughts so she’s more ready to tackle her day with joy – more than she has been in months, she’s mending the relationships with her husband and kids, happy to interact with them and has the energy she wanted and needed to do so. She’s focused through her work and has a spark to interact with clients and new leads, writing a blog or business material. Which increases her income and releases her financial struggles. Her shoulders and neck feel so much better and when she feels her shoulders start to crawl up she has the knowledge of how to combat the situation. She also has material that’ll help her cope with stress as it comes her way, during the day so that she is able to remain in a focused relaxed state. She now knows that it is imperative to take care of herself and she’s worthy of her time and value of investing in herself. She starts to get her passion back and is able to decrease her medication with more natural remedies. She makes a shift in her daily habits like cooking a fresh meal or daily exercise because now she understands the value of her daily decisions will help her achieve her greatest of goals. Her family reaps these benefits as well as a she lives a life she is happy to live.

port st lucie massage

So I’m sure you’ve heard all about the benefits that massage can bring to your health.  You’ve gone to other therapists, you’ve read their websites.

  • Increased circulation

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Loosen knots

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Reduce headaches and migraines

  • Lower stress

  • Improved flexibility

  • Improves immune system

  • Improve sleep

So what?  How does that really help you in a way that you want to be helped?  

Just like imbalance affects your life in ways you didn’t realize; so too balance and alignment affects the life you will experience.  So what do are some benefits that regular massage and coaching can bring to your life that you may not be aware of?

  • Improve focus and inspiration

  • Improve relationships with your husband, children, friends, clients and co-workers

  • Commit to positive life changesport st lucie massage

  • Increase your energy levels

  • Increase your income

  • Keep the pain and stress away

  • Decreasing medication (*ALWAYS with approval with your Dr.!)

  • Ability to set healthy boundaries

  • Finding your purpose and living a fulfilled happy life

My passion and my purpose in life is to help you heal from the inside so that your surface pain diminishes.  Provide a safe non-judgmental space for you to completely let go so you are able to reset.  Giving you tools you need to not only take on the stress you may be facing day to day but to identify patterns you may be living that can be causing more stress than you realize and how to change them effectively.  I combine my knowledge in medical massage, 3 years of experience in a chiropractic office, Reiki Master education, Emotional integration techniques, Intuition, Aromatherapy experience and training, Coaching skills, plus experiencing in an award winning waterfront spa to bring you multi-service experience that you will not find anywhere else.  A program and wellness plan that will transform your life and leave you feeling inspired, renewed and out of pain.  


Hear what others are saying:

port st lucie massage

Elizabeth Oldham, LMT, RCA, FS, RP

Jennifer Muschott Cuti5 star – Facebook

October 23, 2015 ·

I cannot say enough amazing things about Liz and her incredible talent. Though I have always loved the idea of pampering myself, I never really did until a few months ago when I visited Liz using a gift certificate. I felt so at ease and so amazing afterwards I immediately purchased a monthly plan!! I think the most important thing I have learned, is that it is NOT pampering but just self care. I have been visiting Liz weekly and I can tell you I am such a better Mom, Wife, business owner, and overall person when I get regular massages with Liz. She is always so in tune to my needs and I am amazed at not only how incredibly relaxed I am afterwards but what a more relaxed and happier state I am in physically and mentally for the days and weeks to come.

I have seen the difference in my life and investing in myself is the best thing I can do not just for me but for everyone around me!

I hope more people find the incredible healing power of massage in their lives!”

Green Amber5 star –  Facebook

September 14, 2015 ·

“Just finished another unbelievably relieving session. I have all kinds of knots, bulging discs, herniations, stress-induced stiffness, jaw clenching, you name it..and out of over a dozen different therapists, Liz has been the only specialist truly concerned with my well-being & the personalized, knowledgeable touch to actually give me reprieve & let my body heal. She’s always readily available to answer any concerns & work with me when I need an immediate session. She also comes with very helpful resources & references. But really her magic healing hands are worth every penny. I HIGHLY recommend her. She’s my first thought for all Holidays and other celebrations to gift to all my friends and family because it’s more valuable than any tangible thing I could I buy. Love her!”

 port st lucie massage

As my business continues to grow my schedule is becoming more limited.  At this time I am only able extend 4 program invitations this month.  If you are ready to transform your life please schedule your Ideal Wellness Breakthrough Call to see if you quality.  This program is exclusively for those who are ready to implement changed habits, dive deep into yourself and invest in your health and wellness.