Unplugged and Connected

Why are you in a hurry to get back to the house with no power?  Simple – Unplugged and Connected!

Getting back to the house after evacuating was exciting for us, others were not so happy about the power being out and could not understand why we wanted to get back to a place that didn’t have it so fast. The fact that we didn’t have power did not make me uncomfortable in the least it was a challenge or better yet it was like an escape. We were unplugged and connected with one another and our home. We tended to ourselves, our home, land and each other with intent and purpose.

It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day dealings, the never ending tasks and the business that has become our lives over time. It’s come to the point of being expected to always be connected, always be able to respond, always need to be available. Downtime and taking a break from always being online has translated as a disadvantage and something you shouldn’t do. There really is a positive side, though – connection, to yourself, your space and those around you in person.

unplugged and connected

One thing that stood out the most was our children

They have not ever gotten along for such long periods of time with one another than when we did not have power. They came up with ways of entertaining themselves and each other and got along in the process and had fun. They connected with us more and my husband and I connected more as well. It was awesome the teamwork and fun that we all had together. It was a different kind of loud in the house altogether, not the kind that drove me crazy but the kind that lifted my spirits.

With this experience, we have decided to have no power days to reconnect, unplug and get back to a simpler life. Not burdened with keeping up with the latest post or game just being in the moment and all that it has to offer. The clear mindedness, the stillness of just taking in the now and being with the people that you love. For me, it brings about a deep sense of peace and honestly it will not take another storm or hurricane to have me experience it again.