My body told me to slow down

I’ve been getting messages to slow down.It’s ironic that I help people understand what their body is trying to say and how they should really listen. Yet, when mine yells at me I do the exact opposite, sometimes.

Take a step back from my business into a space of presence of my own self-care and awareness. I am going through a cycle of death right now. Which only sounds scary because of how we perceive death. There are cycles we go through in our lives and part of the cycles is the end of a chapter so to speak. After this a transformation is birthed, a breakthrough is achieved, a higher awareness is opened.
Well in order for it to happen there has to be a release and I have been holding on. Too scared to let go because I have bills to pay. I have to catch up now! So “I can’t take a step back ” right now. This is resistance. I was pushing so hard against this slower pace out of a desperate mindset, not inspiration.

This past week my umbilical hernia came back…can you guess the message of an umbilical hernia? It’s short and sweet.
“You’re trying too hard”

Yep, if you don’t listen the body will be the advocate and it will feel like it is against you. It is actually the opposite. Your body is against you going against YOURSELF.

Message received. I’ll take a real step back and focus on my self-care needs so that I can go through this cycle and give birth to the new cycle from a balanced place.

Thanks body- I love you

I’m an action taker it’s just part of my blueprint. So in my lesson of this taking it easy I noticed today. I do not have to be taking it so literally. I can still get up and move. All a balance, right? Even more, tho is the fact that when I start to take action from a place of presence I am able to set intentions for the actions I take.

So here’s a fun little thing I came up with today. My son is with grandparents for a couple hours (holy cow I’m so excited the house is all mine! Lol) but I felt like cleaning my house- like I mean really cleaning it. Did you know that cleaning specific parts of your house correlate with clearing a specific chakra? So by setting the intent to clean my home with the connection of cleaning and clearing the clutter of my chakras I am taking action in self-care and showing myself love.

This kind of action seems to flow much easier and feel good instead of obligated. What kind of intention will you set to your actions today in a way that supports you internally and externally?

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