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Massage therapy for health and wellness has become increasingly popular in recent years as millions of people are recognizing the benefits of alternative and preventative health care. As one of the oldest forms of medicine, massage can and will improve your life. While massage therapy for injuries and illnesses is incredibly effective, just as effective and sought after is massage therapy for health and wellness.

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Just like we brush our teeth every day to prevent cavities, massage therapy can prevent injuries, imbalances and bring a consistent state of wellness to the mind and body. Regular massage sessions have been scientifically proven to reduce cortisol levels and increase circulation. Reducing any unnecessary stress in your life is one of the greatest contributors to a healthy life.

It doesn’t matter how often you receive regular massage therapy sessions. What matters is that you commit to a regular appointment. The average for most people that aren’t receiving massage for a specific injury or ailment is every 3-4 weeks. Some receive more often, others receive a little bit less. If you can commit to a minimum of 1 massage every quarter, or 4 times per year your body, mind, and spirit will no doubt thank you? Your body is capable of feeling amazing, you just need to make the commitment.


We all know that certain types of constant stress in our lives are not healthy. But did you know that recent evidence indicates the physical changes associated with stress may contribute to the leading causes of death, heart disease, and cancer? In addition, stress can create and/or exacerbate many physical and emotional conditions such as chronic fatigue, digestive upset, headaches, back pain, high blood pressure and risk of stroke.

“Relax”. You hear it all the time, but for many, it’s a daily struggle to achieve. One of the top reasons people enjoy massage therapy is to achieve a high level of relaxation. And for good reason: The therapeutic and stress-relieving benefits of massage can lead to a healthier and more energetic lifestyle.

Studies have shown that massage is a great way to relax, relieve pain and increase your mood.  Read more here. 

I believe that relaxation is the most important part of your massage because when your body is relaxed, the parasympathetic nervous system kicks in.  This is when your body allows me to get into those trouble spots and actually work with your body to hmassage therapy forelp you heal.  So yes my massage is a relaxation massage but I’m also bringing a medical component into it so that you have a deeper level of healing.  My job is to support your bodies natural healing process.

Headaches And Migraines

While there are many different causes and reasons why people get and suffer from headaches, massage therapy for headaches is one of the most effective forms of natural treatment. Whether it’s a massage to relieve symptoms of a headache or to prevent future headaches, massage is incredibly effective.

Massage therapy for headaches focuses on a few different aspects. First, high-stress levels and fatigue are often a contributor to people receiving headaches. Massage therapy is scientifically proven to reduce high-stress levels and fatigue, this reducing headache symptom. Second, trigger points, tight muscles, and imbalances in the muscles surrounding the head, neck and shoulders can often trigger a headache. Focusing on these different muscles and soft tissues during a massage, allowing them to release will reduce and often eliminate a headache. Depth and pressure are always the most important aspect of a massage for someone suffering from a headache. While some prefer deep pressure, other are able to tolerate just a light amount of pressure. There is no right or wrong, as every person and headache are unique. What matters is treating the headache so that you can get back to life!

Back Pain

Massage therapy for back pain is one of the most common reasons people seek a massage appointment. Increased back pain can be attributed to sitting long hours at the desk, stress, workplace injuries, sedentary lifestyle, overuse injuries, athletic injuries as well as many other high demand changes in lifestyle.

Massage therapy is being recognized by most health care providers as a legitimate and effective treatment for back pain, in lieu of surgeries and drugs. For most people suffering from back pain, massage therapy, along with self-care is the most effective form of treatment in reducing and eliminating back pain

Customizing the massage therapy session to each client specifically is incredibly important as no two bodies, injuries or pain is caused necessarily by the same thing. You don’t have to live with chronic back pain. It is something that can be effectively treated through massage therapy, as well as additional forms of alternative therapy.


It is estimated that 7 million Americans are currently suffering from Fibromyalgia. Occurring more often in women than men, this chronic musculoskeletal condition causes pain and discomfort throughout the entire body as well as fatigue & memory problems. While it’s not life-threatening, it most certainly impacts the quality of life of each person affected.


Massage therapy for Fibromyalgia is one of the most recognized forms of treatment to reduce symptoms. While each and every person is affected differently by Fibromyalgia, it’s important that each massage is customized specifically for each client. Communication is incredibly important!
We use a combination of massage therapy techniques to help clients suffering from Fibromyalgia reduce pain, sleep better, reduce fatigue and improve their overall quality of life.

Car Accidents  

Receiving massage therapy after a car accident is crucial to the healing process for injuries, no matter how minor the car accident. Pain and tenderness in the upper back, head, and neck are the most common signs of injury following a car accident, as well as in the lower back. Sometimes pain is felt immediately, but very often pain will present itself within a few hours or days. It’s incredibly common for stiffness, pain, tension and discomfort to set into the injured area within two weeks. In many cases, even if pain is not felt immediately, injuries and pain can present themselves months and even years down the road if not properly treated after a car accident.

Whiplash, the most common injury after a car accident, is the result of microtears in the muscles and soft tissues. The build up of scar tissue, which is the bodies natural defense in preventing further injury is also a contributing factor regarding pain. Scar tissue layers itself down and is very thick and dense with overlapping layers. This often causes the tissue to become “stuck” and form adhesions or knots around the injured area.

Receiving massage therapy after a car accident is one of the most important things you can do to ensure a healthy prognosis. Without treatment, even in the most minor of accidents, any injured tissue won’t heal properly and spine-joint-pain-relief-orange-countycan cause problems years down the road. Imbalances in the body caused by the injuries will compound throughout the body and almost always result in more injuries in other areas of the body. Chronic pain is also a long-term ailment for many that don’t seek massage therapy after a car accident.

We specialize in treating clients with massage therapy after a car accident. Understanding that the healing process is incredibly emotional, we work very closely with each client to understand their unique levels of pain and allows them to go through the healing process with compassion, care and a high level of respect

Work Injuries

Massage therapy is an effective physical medicine that can help those who have been injured get back to pre-accident health. It not only aids the directly affected/injured areas, but it also can help the body to heal holistically by helping it get back to its’ natural state of balance and well-being. This is one reason why massage therapy is a great complement to other therapies, including chiropractic and physical therapy.


Pregnancy or Prenatal Massage Therapy is one of the greatest additions you can add to your healthcare routine during this precious time. Each and every woman experiences pregnancy differently and no two pregnancies are ever alike. While some women go through their entire pregnancy without any pain or aches, others struggle to find the comfort they once knew within their bodies. Daily occurrences of neck pain, back pain, sciatica and overall discomfort are just some of the common ailments associated with the changing body during pregnancy. No matter what stage of pregnancy you are currently in, massage therapy is guaranteed to bring a state of balance, reduced pain, and overall relaxation.

The benefits of pregnancy massage are far reaching and most certainly bring about a more pain-free, prenatalstress-free pregnancy and birth. Studies have shown that massage therapy during pregnancy can relieve symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress as well as reduce muscle and joint aches and pains. Furthermore, massage therapy during pregnancy can improve labor outcomes as well as the health of the newborn.

Whether it’s an opportunity to simply unplug and relax during this special time, or address pain and discomfort related to the changes your body is currently going through, a massage session with Liz is guaranteed to improve your overall health.