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Essential Oils Classes- 

  • Essential oils 101 – learn about how to use essential oils safely for a whole range of everyday uses. (More details coming soon)
  • Essential oils and Emotions – learn how you can utilize essential oils to help you move through and out of emotional states in a healthy way.  (More details coming soon)
  • Essential oils and Tension – learn how to relax achy muscles and an overwhelmed mind. (More details coming soon)


Couples Massage Class – 

Learn how to massage your partner, your children, and your loved ones safely and effectively for longer than 3 mins.


Infant Massage Class 

Increase your bond with baby through loving touch.  Learn massage basics appropriate for infants focused on specific areas of the body


A Stress-Free You – Coming Soon!

Learn what stress is and how it is affecting your daily routine plus how to cope in a healthy way instead of suppressing your emotions or feeling like a rollercoaster of emotions is in control of your life.