Give to yourself so that you may give to others

Are you a giver?  Do you constantly do things for everyone else?  

Are you always giving your 110% best to those you serve, those you love and those that depend on you?  When it comes time to take care of yourself, give to yourself, are you filled with guilt?  Do you feel selfish?

Taking care of yourself is the very best way to give to others.  

When you are refreshed and whole within YOU, that overflows into other people’s lives.  You are less irritable, more fulfilled, more energetic and your shine as bright as the sun.  You have more reach, more passion and are able to really give your best to others.  But only when you give yourself your best!  To be able to actually receive takes some getting use to, especially if you are only used to giving.  

 It’s time to let go of all those guilty feelings for taking care of you.  It’s time to see that those moments you are investing  in yourself are worth it.  You are worth it!  The effect you have on this world and others around you is as unique as your own fingerprint.  When you take the time to refill your own cup you ensure that you are able to have more of an impact.  

Something else I heard the other day that I absolutely loved –

“Those who wonder whether the glass is half full or half empty miss the point.  The glass is refillable.”

So what will you do this week to refill your own cup?

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