How to heal yourself

Your first step in the process of how to ┬áheal yourself is to – Stop trying so hard to heal yourself. I have a different perspective on a lot of things and this is a big one. So let me explain quickly and then I will go into more detail. When you look at yourself and all you see are problems, frustrations, and brokenness you are acting in a form of self-hate, self-abandonment, and self-judgement. So, the first step to heal yourself is to actually take a step back and stop looking at yourself as broken.

Good morning, my name is Elizabeth Luther, I go by Liz, As a massage therapist, reiki master and coach I have learned that the body holds memory and emotions related to trauma. This helps me guide clients to deeper questions to help uncover and understand what your body is trying to say so we can develop action steps to work through these blocks. My mission is to help women who have chronic pain and stress, find the root causes, to awaken the natural state of the mind-body-spirit connection so that you are empowered to find your own answers and move through the physical and emotional pain and thrive on the other side.

how to heal yourself

You are where you are so meet yourself where you are at. Your experiences have helped shape every aspect of the way you perceive the world, the way you show up in the world, have made you who you are today and they will continue to make you who you are in the future. You are unique and your perspective is valid and very real. So do yourself an act of self-love and give yourself a break. You’ve survived everything that has ever been thrown your way, you have a 100% track record.

How to heal yourself through neutrality

The secret to self-healing and self-improvement is to be neutral to the present moment. This means to take a step back and be in the moment, however, you show up and be unconditionally present with yourself. There is no judgment in neutrality, no blame, or shame, or criticism everything that you feel, just is. This is how you can stop the self-abandonment and show yourself, unconditional love.

This act of self-love helps to curb the negative loop of self-hate and abandonment. Your body and mind have been with you since the beginning and if most of us were honest we don’t treat ourselves very well. The body has a lot to say and when you take the time to be present and listen from a place of nothing needing to be fixed you will come out the other side with a whole new look on what is really going on.

How to heal yourself through curiosity

From a neutral perspective, allow yourself to go into curiosity about what you are feeling. Imagine that this ailment was a person with it’s own look, feel personality and it wanted to bring you a message allow yourself to listen without the need to responding. Act toward it like it was an old friend and you were catching up on what had been going on. What do they have to tell you? Where did they come from? When did they get here? What do they need from you? From this place of neutrality, there is no need to fix them, no need to criticize or punish them. There is simply understanding and acknowledgment of what is.

You start to find answers to the deep seemingly unsolvable answers you have been asking. You cultivate a stronger relationship with yourself and begin to trust your own guidance again. There are shifts that happen without much effort as you become more in-tune with what your ailments are telling you about yourself. When you can take a step back and see that there is a message, the control your ailment has on you fades and you realize that you have been in the driver seat the whole time and the controls for the future are firmly in your hands.

How to heal yourself through unconditional presence

Take time this week to show yourself unconditional presence. Acknowledge those negative thoughts and pains that arise in the body and mind. Then allow them to pass through without judgment, be validated and released. Take note of how much judgment you are passing on yourself and see the shifts that start to happen after you start this practice.

If you need any support please reach out to me. You can find me on facebook in the group Stepping Into You and my website at

I’ll be back next week to discuss how our negative thought patterns serve us. ┬áLast week I gave you a personal example of how my body told me to slow down.

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