Look ahead to where you want to go

The wisdom of the day comes from a parenting moment with my (almost) 8 yr old daughter, Maiyah. Look ahead.  She was getting upset with not being able to do the monkey bars. I watched her struggle (not in a mean way) and saw that she was only looking down. Without even thinking, I heard myself say –

“Maiyah to achieve what you want to do you need to look at where you want to be instead of where you’re afraid of going.” (in her case the next monkey bar instead of the ground)

look ahead

My mind was like holy cow that was some awesome advice that I should take for myself as well, not to mention share it with other people. The messages kept coming too – I saw a post earlier about saying I can’t and I kept hearing Maiyah say I can’t. I told her –

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t you’re completely right. Once you believe you can as much as you believe right now that you can’t you will do it.” “If you practice, strengthen the muscles you need to hold on and put the effort in you will get it.”

I went back to observing and saw that she was also just hanging once she got on that first bar she stopped the momentum. Again without thinking I heard myself say to her –

“It is easier to go forward to the next bar when you don’t stop at the one you’re on.”

Holy crap my advice in on a roll today is what I thought. I showed her how to swing herself forward and we helped her a few times showing her she was barely even using the support we were offering her. She kept trying even if she needed to take times out to let out her emotions, she didn’t give up – was she happy about it? No, not at all she left saying she wish they were never invented. She still needs more practice, needs to look forward, she’s got the motion down just needs to let go and take that hand off and needs to strengthen those arm muscles, but she will get it in her own time and she will be greatly proud of herself in that moment.


Hopefully, these messages stay with her, not just on the monkey bars – I know they stick with me and sometimes it is these little reminders that give me a push into what I need to do next.