Love your ego

Love your Ego?? Wait I thought you were supposed to kill your ego?

Well after I asked a question a few ago I received a message of surrender – something that keeps popping up, and in that message was about the ego. Something I’m on a journey to “overcome” in the past year. While I was speaking with Cate (who was the messenger of my message) I got an uncontrollable urge to write about your ego. I’d like to share with you what I wrote.

What do you need to do to get rid of your ego? How do you? I see meme’s and see posts about people wanting to kill their ego … a lot. And while their heart is in the right place, mine was, usually, the process of them trying to “get rid” of their ego is backward.

Our ego serves a very good purpose. We can not “get rid of” or “kill” our egos. Nor should we want to I’ll explain why. The ego is a part of us to keep us alive. It is a survival mechanism it keeps us safe and away from things that can harm us. It is logical analytical and masculine energetically.

Sounds pretty good right?

So why are so many of us trying to suppress it? Well as we evolved in society we are no longer using our ego as a means to survive in the wild, we now survive in a metropolitan type of surrounding. We now have to “work” in a different environment that thrives on logic and analytical information. So why is it a problem? Because we have given it full rein of our body, mind, and spirit. Quite frankly we listen to logic when logic is not what the answer is. For instance when we listen to our intuition, if I’m honest there are not many times that it is the logical route to take. But you know what happens when I start to follow my intuition? My ego starts fighting me. That’s not good and no fun at all, especially when you have to explain your illogical action to someone who demands it. (-usually because their ego is on too)

So why does killing off your ego not work?

Well – what we resist persists. If we do not acknowledge, validate, and we try to push away our ego – it quite simply fights back. When we try to kill part of ourselves we are falling into a pattern of self-hate and self-abandonment. In doing so we can not win the fight even if our hearts are in the right place. To cast away our ego is to cast away part of ourselves. So instead we need to understand it, embrace it, acknowledge it, validate it and love it for what it does do well for us. There is a way to do this but not let it drive our actions and thoughts.

When our ego decides to grab the steering wheel, instead of yelling at it to get back in it’s seat – we should treat it with respect. Quite simply state in your head or out loud “Thank you ego for your logic and for showing me love by trying to keep me safe, I hear you, I understand you but I got this I won’t let us die.” (the ego’s purpose is to keep us alive) Do this enough times and it becomes second nature as well as the ego doesn’t try drastically to drive all the time. The ego begins to trust – YOU begin to trust YOU. Because you are no longer in a self-abandonment cycle… Ahhhh see how that works?? Mind… Blown….. at least when I had that realization my mind was.  your ego

Will there be times that the ego is right? Absolutely. There is a balance that takes place when we respect our ego. When we give it the room within ourselves to be a source of our masculine energy. Ego is not evil there is no reason for you to cast part of who you are into exile. Love all of you – including your Ego. 🙂