Are you ready to get your life back?   I want to help you.  

Why Intuitive Touch Wellness?

  • Sessions designed specifically with you and for you starting with your Freedom Call to pinpoint goals and create your customized Wellness Plan
  • Take home materials to continue your wellness journey between sessions
  • Unlimited email support
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
Not “Just a massage”

I help mothers who are givers because so often you give so much of yourself you become overwhelmed and irritable as you fight discomfort constantly and become stuck in survival mode. You often find yourself lacking in focus, discouraged, stuck in a rut resulting in chronic pain and illness.  I know all of this because I've been there and I know the struggle of trying to be everything to everyone, except for myself.

I’ll be honest from the start – If you’re looking for “just a massage” I am not going to be the best fit for your needs.

However, if you’re looking to transform your life, if you’re ready to stop being overwhelmed,  stressed out, and in pain – I’m ready to work with you towards your goals.  My services use a variety of bodywork techniques,  coaching and action steps to get you on the path of living your fulfilling life. Tackle your pain, manage your stress and start participating in your life again.  Live your life on purpose; with purpose.

Think of how much better you'd feel and how much more you can accomplish once you allow yourself to refill your cup and take care of you!


Freedom Call

15-20 mins. This is a complimentary phone consult. Goal: Become clear on where you are, what your goals are, and be able to customize your session to suit your needs and get you the best results.

Call me at (772)882-1925 or click to schedule the best time to chat.

Busy Mom's Stress Buster

Are you busy, busy, busy? Pushing yourself into overdrive? This half-hour session will address your targeted ‘trouble spots’ created by a moderate daily routine. Bringing you into a balanced and relaxed state so that you can regain focus and get through the rest of your day. Goals: Refresh, balance, regain focus, address your targeted ‘trouble spots’ Ideal for: Moms on the go, quick pick-me-up, headache relief, stress relief. 30 minutes - $45.00

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Selfless Mom's Tension Tamer

Does chronic stress and pain stop you from living your active lifestyle? Are you ready to let go let go of the knots and get back to living life? This sixty min. massage service will address your common ‘trouble spots’ and give your mind and body time to relax and enjoy the present moment so that you are able to walk away renewed and refreshed. 60 minutes - $89.00

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Super Mom's Kneaded Relief

Life can be stressful. Work can be exhausting. Are you tired of being physically and emotionally drained by stress that causes illness and chronic pain? This ninety min. massage service will address your ‘trouble spots’ PLUS give you time to unwind and bring you to a deep relaxation so you are able to reset! Giving you the ability to refill your tank so that you are ready to take on whatever life may throw at your with clear focus and inspiration. 90 minutes - $124.00

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Medical Massage

Medical massage is outcome-based massage, primarily the application of a specific treatment targeted to the specific problem(s) the client presents with a diagnosis and are administered after a thorough assessment/evaluation by the medical massage therapist with specific outcomes being the basis for treatment. 60 Mins - $110.00

Purchase and schedule your appointment today. If you are using HSA or Health Insurance please call me first so you are not charged twice. (772)882-1925

Lasting Wellness

The benefits of receiving regular massage are abundant on top of the added savings, member only perks and convenience.

Choose your membership or select a package that fits your wellness goals.

Want to purchase a gift certificate for a Mom in your life?

Gift certificates are a great way to show the Mom in your life that you care about her well-being. Gift Certificates include gift bag and stress relief kit that can either be picked up or emailed gift certificate and the gift bag be given at the time of the appointment. Easy-peasy.

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Relax your body, Renew your mind, Rejuvenate your spirit.

My passion and my purpose in life are to help you heal from the inside so that your surface pain diminishes.  Provide a safe non-judgmental space for you to completely let go so you are able to reset.  Giving you tools you need to not only take on the stress you may be facing day to day but to identify patterns you may be living that can be causing more stress than you realize and how to change them effectively.  I combine my knowledge in medical massage, 3 years of experience in a chiropractic office, Reiki Master education, Emotional integration techniques, Intuition, Aromatherapy experience, and training, Coaching skills, plus experiencing in an award winning waterfront spa to bring you multi-service experience that you will not find anywhere else.  A program and wellness plan that will transform your life and leave you feeling inspired, renewed and out of pain.  All first-time services come with Stress Relief Kits.
What that means, is we:
  • Get You Out Of Pain
  • Reset Your Mind And Body (interrupt the fight or flight response) 
  • Improve Your Ability To Move Your Body With Less Stress & Strain
  • Teach You How To Feel and Listen To Your Body
  • Teach You Easy Secrets To Improve Your Posture
  • Educate You On Proper Biomechanics & Ergonomics (How to lift, bend, sit, work, etc)
  • Educate You On Mindfulness 
You Will:
  • Have Less Pain
  • Less Impacted By Stress
  • Move More Freely
  • Sleep Better
  • Breathe Better
  • Live better!
LICENSE #: MA63726
The benefits of massage you've seen everywhere.

*Increased circulation *Lower blood pressure *Loosen knots *Reduce inflammation *Reduce headaches and migraines *Lower stress *Improved flexibility *Improves immune system *Improve sleep

Tangible benefits of massage

*Improve focus and inspiration *Improve relationships with yourself, your husband, children, friends, clients, and co-workers *Commit to positive life changes *Increase your energy levels *Increase your income *Keep the pain and stress away *Decreasing medication (*ALWAYS with approval with your Dr.!) *Ability to set healthy boundaries *Finding your purpose and living a fulfilled happy life