If you are ready to dive into what messages your body, pain and stress may be holding, take inspired action to reach your goals and dive into some deep conversations with yourself. If you’re looking to transform your life, if you’re ready to stop being overwhelmed, stressed out, and in pain – I’m ready to work with you towards your goals. The body talks to me and I can feel it because I’m an empath that reads energy.  My services use a variety of body-energy work techniques, mind-body whispers coaching and action steps to get you on the path of living your fulfilling life. Tackle your pain, manage your stress and start participating in your life again. Live your life on purpose; with purpose.

What does body whisper coaching do?

  • Opens a dialogue
  • brings awareness to mindset and blocks, allows expression of authentic self to emerge
  • provides thought-provoking questions
  • realization of the answers within
  • shines awareness on patterns and beliefs that are destructive
  • allows new patterns and beliefs to be created and integrated
  • provides self-led action steps to achieve goals and desires
  • allows mindset shifts
  • gives you a sense of path, purpose, and empowerment to move forward.

Imagine standing in line in a great hall, with tall ceilings and marble columns. You feel stuck and confused about who you are and experience lingering pains in different areas of your body and are standing in this line to hopefully experience some relief and clarity about who you are.

Now imagine coming up to a podium where a wise woman is poised over a book with a feathered pen in her hand, carefully perusing the passages that are applicable to whoever is standing before her. This woman is kind, beautiful and powerful. Behind her, a large wooden door opens and just inside you can see a mine shaft. And when this woman looks at you, you know that you are about to embark on a journey.

At first, you are scared to enter, but you do it anyway because nothing else has worked. And through the twists and turns of this journey through the metaphorical mine shaft of your soul, you will emerge from your own chrysalis, radiant, clear and totally aligned with your life purpose.

The pain is gone.

I created my own dance in how I unify my education, modalities, and experiences into a unique all in one tool and combine them with my experiences and lessons in life to bring forward my unique medicine. I have a keen intuition, a lot of experience and passionately research of where the body may be holding messages about blocks holding you from experiencing true joy and purpose in your life. I listen, guide you through the process, offer you tools and empower you to call on your own power to transform your life. Shifting you from a place of not knowing what else to do to a place of a deeper sense of connection and clarity. You find your inspiration, you find your power and you find your, steadfast why; so that you make life impacting decisions from this space of peace of mind and inspiration.

I am here for those that are at a stage of a need for change and greater freedom, and inspire and provide courage to carry out the changes necessary in the process of growth.  Then to guide you to live in tune with the rhythms and cycles of yourself and nature, how to connect with the power of breath and with emotional release, which is both deeply connected. One of the most important factors in growth is to give ourselves the freedom of full experiencing our feelings and emotions.

I have modalities that I use as tools to help hold this space but they are simply ways for me to express, in English, what I do to help myself and others. Massage Therapy, Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive, Essential Oils, Music, Mind-Body-Energy Coaching – These are all in my toolkit but they are only the tip of the ice-burg for what I hold in my space.

You may message me or you may sign up here for your Free Break-though Call. This is also how I am able to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will take the time, approximately 30 mins, to go over your concerns, where you are now and what goals you have and what may be standing in your way. to see if body whisper coaching is right for you.  So that I may understand your needs and help customize a session and plan just as unique as you are to yield you the best results.  https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=11447912

I have also created new ways for you to work with me and this is the step I was speaking of about my final transformation process.  This is me leaving my safe cocoon – stepping out into the world to fly and shine my light.



Body Whisper Coaching opportunities include:

Beginning the body whisper coaching session in meditation releases the chatter, story telling mind as you give it the task to focus on the breath.  This allows the answers to come from a place of inner truth with more clarity, instead of trying to sort the confusion.  The reiki helps to release blocks in the body-mind systems, allowing the energy to flow freely.  This allows the process of releasing the old on different levels and providing in-depth information to surface.  The integration coaching allows the practice of being fully present and neutral with any feelings or memories that may surface.  Allowing the release of unhealthy beliefs and lower emotions to have acknowledgment, so that you may move through them instead of suppressing them.  It also allows your own unique process with self-led action steps and plans to reach your goals to surface.

$97.00 – Integration Coaching Call

Being in that situation where you are aware of what is going on but not knowing what the heck you can do about it is extreamly frustrating.  You get stuck in attracting the same situation over and over again and have no idea how to break the cycle.

I created this 60 min session where we take a single belief or issue, the one that is most pressing, giving you the most distress right now or the one you just can’t seem to shake and we tackle the blocks that are keeping you stuck in that pattern.  We dive into those patterns and emotions, looking at the energy behind them, then come up with an action plan for you to shift out of it and move on.

This session starts off with a reiki meditation then takes you through an integration process and ends with coaching to implement your plan of action into real life, real time steps.


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