Meditation and Reiki

Benefits of meditation and body whispers
What does meditation do?
  • Grounding
  • raises awareness
  • openness/receiving state
  • allows you to get in touch with the body, mind, spirit
  • observes and becoming neutral to present
  • learn how to feel completely
  • the practice of neutrality and ability to observe beliefs, emotions, and thoughts from a distance
  • the practice of pause in the midst of chaos
  • a form of self-care for the mind, body, spirit
  • raises awareness and intuitive guidance
  • gives a sense of balance
  • clarity and focus.
What does Reiki do?
  • Clears blocks
  • provides messages from your aches, pains, and illness
  • calls in support
  • awareness of past and present being held in the body
  • allows thoughts, emotions, sensations, and beliefs to have a voice and freedom to be heard and released
  • opens a deeper line of communication between the body, mind, spirit
  • gives a  sense of relief
  • affirmations and guidance.

There are many ways that you can implement the practice of stillness into your life.  I have created ways for you to work with my from all across the world through my meditation, reiki training and my unique understanding of how the body whispers.  I am so excited to share them with you now and touch the lives of more people.

I am you guide, who helps people connect with your essential, highest self.  I use the body as a map and teach you how to read the clues to find your way home again.

$22.00 – Body Whispers 

The body has wisdom and it whispers to us in the form of sensations, pain and their messages are always available to us when we tune in.

Through my experiences, my research and my work I have compiled Body Whisper Cards that help you not only understand the message but give you tools to tune-in and communicate with the body at an energetic level.

This product will give you a “body scan” and the messages for each pain point blocking energy in your body. The messages will be emailed to you with the questions to dive deep to get to the root cause as well as the solution by your own body’s wisdom.

Please allow 48 hours to receive your email and be sure to check the spam folder if you do not see it in your inbox.

“Bonnie Fleming · “Elizabeth Luther thank you for these, and all good thoughts! Your cards helped me find the cause and solution to my chronic lower back/sacral pain. I have been so very grateful to you for this💐. I remember in one post quite awhile ago a comment was made to the effect of ‘providing more answers and less questions posed’, and I can say that without your questions probing our subconscious thoughts we wouldn’t find OUR answers contained within. Again, I am so very grateful to you and your gifts/wisdom.🙏

Body Whispers Spot Healing – $77.00

Is your

Body aching?
Head throbbing?
Illness lingering?

Body whisper spot healing is for one specific area of concern that is making you lose focus, making you feel drained, and getting in the way of your daily activities.

This will help you understand why the pain or illness is there giving you the ability to choose how to move forward PLUS give you relief so that you can get back to your day!

Please fill out the comments with your area of concern and an email with your notes will be sent to you within 48 hours.

meditation and body whispers

meditation and body whispers

Body Whispers Healing -$117.00 

Body Whisper Healing is an energetic healing for the full body.

If you are experiencing chronic pain or illness
If you are feeling stuck and confused
If you are feeling overwhelmed and anxious

This was created just for you. Each healing is different customized to your own needs.

I will give you the whispers your body is trying to express, support your body’s natural ability to heal and surround it with golden energy. Allowing you to release blocked flows of energy, find relief and clarity so that you can move forward revitalized, refreshed, and renewed.

You will receive an email within 48 hours of your purchase with your unique notes. If you have specific areas of concern please state them in the notes at purchase.

meditation and body whispers


$77.00 – Customized Body Whisper Meditation

If you are living in constant fight or flight mode, you are feeling overly stressed, overly taxed and you need that reset button to resolve the inner conflict and find that peace within.  It’s exsausting to be in a constant state of flux and feel like you are on a rollercoaster with no control of its direction or speed or wheather you even wanted to take the ride.

This product was designed to work with your body’s wisdom and be customized specifically for YOUR needs.  Step out of the stress and get clarity and peace of mind so you can participate in your life again.

I believe so much in this product, I understand the benifits of working with both the emotions and pain points of the body to give you immediate relief  and that is exactly what this product will do for you.  You get both a reiki session to balance and open the flow of energy again and an infused meditation in text and audio to extend your session and to use anytime you need a reset button.

Your personalized meditation will be emailed to you in both audio and written format for your convenience within 48 hours.

meditation and body whispers




Many of my clients ask how they can best prepare for and receive the most benefits from their Reiki session. First and foremost you’ll want to check in with your Reiki practitioner and ask for his or her recommendations. However, below is a series of ideas to take into consideration both before and after your session. Remember, your session is for your deepest healing, and so finding what works best for you is key.



Give yourself at least a half hour prior to the session to sit and reflect, particularly checking in with how your body is feeling and anything you are noticing regarding emotions, thoughts or physical sensations. Take some time to breathe and also tend to whatever your body’s needs might be. You may also want to reflect on any intentions you want to set for your session and anything you want to share with your practitioner before you begin.


You’ll want to be sure you’ve eaten and hydrated a few hours before the session, mainly so you will be as comfortable as possible. Avoid eating a heavy meal beforehand, however, as you don’t want your body’s energy to be directed toward digesting while you’re receiving your treatment.


Most practitioners will have you laying down for the majority of your session, and comfort is key for being open to taking on and integrating the Reiki energy. Be sure you are wearing comfortable clothes, and I usually recommend my clients either wear or bring socks since shoes are removed during the session and the feet can get cold. You’ll also want to use the restroom before the session, and if the position you are in for your session is uncomfortable in any way, communicate this to your practitioner, as s/he will also want to be sure you are as comfortable as possible.



Many of the treatment benefits can occur after the session and, as such, it’s important to find somewhere quiet and relaxing to integrate after your session. I recommend my clients take at least 15-20 minutes after the session to meditate, lie down, walk on the beach or even take a nap. Try not to book or schedule anything immediately after your session.


After doing any type of energy work it’s important to hydrate, so be sure to drink 1-2 glasses of water after your session. I find adding electrolytes to your water can also be helpful, as it helps replenish the body.


Energy work is often hungry work, and you may find yourself hungry after your session. Be sure you listen to your body and choose a healthy snack or meal afterward if needed. Eating can also help ground the body, and eating a piece of dark chocolate can also be restorative.


It’s often helpful to spend some time after the session reflecting, and I often recommend that clients journal, draw or somehow capture any insights they had during and immediately after the session. You may also decide to meditate afterward as well, take a walk in nature or listen to calming and/or inspirational music. Whatever you choose to do, find an activity that helps you connect to what you experienced so you can draw on it in future.


Please get in touch with your practitioner immediately if you experience any overly challenging emotions, physical sensations or issues after your treatment. Reiki is extremely gentle, and yet, because energy blockages are being cleared in the body, issues may come up as a result. Find out what the best way is to contact your practitioner, and get in touch if anything feels overly uncomfortable after your session.

*Sessions with Intuitive Touch Wellness come with a complimentary session report describing what transpired during your session on the practitioner’s end,  any coaching that may be beneficial for you and unlimited email/messenger support. *

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