What is the meaning of pain?

The body and mind are incredible and created to perform amazing things both inside and out. The design is perfect the way the systems are set up to communicate and interact with one another plus the layers of the reactions that happen as we perceive our outer world.  The meaning of pain and stress is within us at all times.

The body-mind system

The mind is where our thoughts, inspirations, beliefs, and our realities are translated and created. The body is a conductor, a grid to transfer, store and absorb energy. Each area of the body holds a specific vibration which is how we can correlate that the liver stores anger, the heart stores grief and so on.  When our mind sees something it creates a reaction based on our conscious and subconscious beliefs, memories, and imagination. As I’ve stated before the mind does not know the difference between “real and make believe” it only observes and then sends the signal and creates the process to begin the chemical and emotional reactions of the body.

You are not your thoughts, pain, illness, you are the observer, the conduit to experience the world around you. Your world is like no other, there is no one that is exactly like you. This can be proven if you ask witnesses to describe the same event, it is shown over and over that your perception of the world is as unique as your fingerprint. This is part of the disconnect that is happening in our society today. What one person is seeing as an “over-reaction” of one person about something, another person is actually experiencing the event as traumatic. The reason this is is because that person’s experiences up to that point have created the reality that the situation is activating the body to feel the sensations of the past that tell them they are unsafe in the present due to the circumstances.

The cycles began

We are taught from a very young age to invalidate, suppress, and abandon how we feel. We are taught that there is only one reality and all people must follow the same path. Sometimes this expresses as running around only concerned with how other people feel and lives their lives and in doing so we continue to invalidate both ourselves and others. Basically, we run around with the attitude – “I’m not allowed to feel or think that so neither can you.”

This cycle starts an ingrained process of self-abandonment, self-hate, and anything related to self becomes greedy, petty, shameful, and wrong. We blame others for how we feel and only try to change the outward appearance to look better for ourselves.  Anything uncomfortable is frowned upon and we are taught and wired to turn away and run from it. This cycle creates a state of going against one’s self which causes pain and illness to manifest.

As we know now the body is the way our realities are expressed physically. So when we are in pain, stressed out, triggered or we fall ill, our body is whispering, or sometimes shouting, that we have a wound that needs our focused awareness.  Our body and minds know how to heal but it does take our awareness so that we can adjust our actions and thoughts to our reality.

How many times have you thought, I just need a freakin’ break! Then shortly after you have an illness that gives you that break, or you may even break a bone and get to take time, to rest.  Every ailment, accident, or pain is attached to thought, beliefs, trauma, or inner wounds that we are storing instead of releasing.  Our inner state of being is always reflected in our outer world.  The meaning of pain is unique from person to person but there are similarities that create a baseline that can give hints at what it may be about.   The body and mind want to be in a state of wellness and the only way they can communicate that something we are doing is not in alignment with that is to create discomfort so that you stop and say “hmm what is this?”

With knowledge is power and responsibility

Understanding that your aches and pains, your ailments and your triggers are serving your highest good can be a double-edged sword. After understanding this it means that we now have to take responsibility for how we feel. It means we must turn toward our hurt instead of away from it but at the same time, it also means that now we can CHOOSE how to move forward and gain clarity about why something is happening which can help take out the suffering aspect of pain.

Have you ever noticed how shortly after you created a goal that stretches you an uncomfortable feeling or event happens? This is the body bringing your awareness to examine that discomfort and find where in your body you may be holding a limiting belief, a trauma, or a wound that has gone unnoticed. Anything that comes into your awareness is an opportunity for growth, for clarity, and for healing.

Then what?

So what do we do when we shift into this awareness of our pains and stresses, how do we find the meaning? We tune-in and listen, the most important aspect of communication is listening. The trick here is something we have spoken about before which is going into a state of curiosity and neutrality. We don’t want to bust in and say “What the heck are you doing to me body you’re ruing my life – what do you have to tell me – come on spit it out.” We want to relax into a state of presence with ourselves to gain understanding from a perspective of being an observer. Something we have also spoken about before is not going in and trying to “fix” ourselves. This idea that we are broken is a belief system that blocks healing from occurring because it is a state of resistance.  It’s like starting a conversation with your best friend and saying Ughhh what is wrong with you why can’t you just work right?? I outlined the process in my blog post – “Be with your body not against it

It can take some practice when you are not used to taking time out for yourself and really listening to the signals of your body but I promise it gets easier. If you need support this is my specialty so please feel free to ask any question or schedule a Body Whisper Coaching call with me.

I am currently working on an ebook that organizes common aches, pains, and ailments along ith their similar meanings PLUS a Body Whispers Healing Meditation that should be coming out shortly!  I’ll keep you posted and update this post when it is finished.

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