Self-Care Budget

My friend Michelle had a wonderful post today that inspired a thought in my head.

You know how you sit down and make a budget – listing all your bills then a sheet for your income and you have dates and little categories and what not?
What if we made a self care “budget” – not necessarily putting self care in our financial budget but an actual list and dates of self care we need to take for ourselves?

What would your Self care budget look like now? Do you have daily payments? Weekly? Monthly? Or even non existent? What would you add? Would you write it on the calendar? Put a reminder in your phone?
Self care comes in all shapes and forms. Investing time, energy, and even money – which is an energy all it’s own.

Do you feel resistance when you think of investing in your mind, body and soul? Why is that? Can you change the perception of being selfish to being selfless?

Understanding that filling my cup to have the ability to serve others took time for me to understand. Even when I would teach this to my clients. To me it even felt like a hassle to include myself in self care. It does start to sink in tho especially when you find that being open to receiving opens opportunities in life.

I am one of those creatures, that needs space and time alone to recharge and I dish out on myself shame and judgment for it. I have to take a step back and use a 3rd person perspective to change the thoughts. Am I giving the same advise I give to others? Am I encouraging myself the way I encourage others? Forgiving myself? Giving myself grace? Room to breathe? Space to create? I find that once go in with awareness the strength in my doubts, fears, and self hate cycle diminishes. I sometimes think to myself. Instead of just – treat others the way you want to be treated – treat yourself the way you want to be treated. Because we are our own worse critic BUT we are our own best medicine as well.

If I asked you to list the things you loved, how long would it take for you to list yourself?

We need to make constant – conscious deposits and even have a savings so to speak for us to be able to withdraw from. You can only take so much out of the checking account before you have to deposit something back in.
So what’s your Self love budget going to look like? What relaxes you?What activities do you enjoy and find fulfilling? What inspires you and lifts your soul up? What recharges your energy levels?

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