Stepping into my fear

I first started to create my services for the extension of my business into the online world. I have been having the urge to do a call for some time now and I created one but my fear around this call has to do with my son. My son is very high needs, very high energy and determined. If I am not focused on him at any time he rebels and when I am on the phone – as most kids do – since I am not focused on him he goes into overdrive. So my fear was he is going to sabotage every moment anyone calls me and no one will want to work with me with a screaming kid in the background.

Fear = False. Evidence. Appearing. Real.

A few days ago, I had a freedom call – which is how I get to know people before they work with me and see if we are a good fit if I can help them and find out where they are, what they want and what is standing in the way. Usually, it lasts about 30 mins. Even with this shorter call my fear pops up, what if he doesn’t nap, what if they just hang up on me, what if they .. what… if…..

I could have let fear it stop me, I did that for a long time, and stayed in the place that I was in or I can step into the fear head on and deal with what comes up instead of focusing on what could happen. So I did it.

Not but 10 seconds from the beginning of my call my son, who was supposed to be napping, walked out of his room covered in poop.
*blank stare* ………………………….(dialogue in my head)…..REALLY?!?!?!?!?! POOOOP?!?!?! Are you serious? That might be worse than if he was screaming in the background…….it was on him, the walls, the window… omg… Keep it together… keep it cool … it’s all good…

I could have just asked her to hold on being ashamed of my explanation, I could have said it was okay that she call me back, I could have done a lot of things but what I did do was honest, transparent, authentic I simply stated the truth and that I needed a second. Can you believe that she DIDN’T yell at me for it? Hang up in my face? Didn’t tell me to get my crap together before I start running a business? She said NO PROBLEM! I took care of it, got back on the call, re-centered myself and showed up for her support AND she wanted to work with me!!

Well, in your face F.E.A.R. I just had someone stick with me because I am me and you throwing literal CRAP in my face didn’t stop me. So ne ner nee ner nee ner this is my world and let me tell you something, F.E.A.R. your place isn’t to keep me stuck its to propel me forward into the life I am meant to live by showing courage and leaning into you to get to the other side.

So how can you step into your courage today?  Fear can be a great teacher and catalyst for growth.  When we fear the uncomfortable we stay in our comfort zone and as a result. we stay stuck.  Lean into that fear and push through so that you may expand.