How to stop thinking negative thoughts

A better question to ask is – How do I utilize my negative thoughts to serve me?

We have all heard “Just stay positive” you have to “Focus on the good” just “Say positive affirmations” when it comes to getting rid of negative thoughts.  Excuse me while I burst this bubble because that type of thinking is the exact same thinking and belief system of “Just take this pill” or “Just get over it” this is the same cycle of last week’s topic where you have to stop looking at yourself as broken.

Negative Thoughts

So what are negative thoughts and how can we use them as a positive instead of trying to just make them go away, which doesn’t work? We ask questions and start to understand them. Go back to that neutral and curious presence and look directly at the negative thoughts that we are having.

What would happen if you faced your thoughts instead of threw a positive affirmation at them?

A cry for help

Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts are there as a cry for help. How loud did they have to become for you to start to wonder — “Gosh why am I thinking like this?!” There is a belief or destructive pattern that you are participating in that is going against where you want to be. They are not “bad” things you have to get rid of, you are not “bad” for having them and you will find that when you try and cover them up they only get loader and more frequent. Show yourself compassion and allow the thoughts to come as you take a look at each one.

Have you ever stopped and wondering why you thought something that seemed to come out of no where?

Negative ThoughtsAn opportunity to become aware

When you take the time to get to know your thoughts you become more self-aware. You learn that those negative thoughts are connected to beliefs about you, not the current situation. They are rising to the surface as a way for you to really think about the kind of action you are taking, what words you are using and if those actions and words are holding you back from the goals you are trying to reach.

Have you ever noticed when you have a new goal that a specific negative thought pattern shows up in your life?

A sign you are ready to let go Negative Thoughts

Negative thought loops are simply a sign that you are ready and that if you truly want to reach your desires it is time to let go. When air rises from the bottom of the ocean,when it gets the surface it is released, think of negative thoughts the same way. Dive into where the thought came from and let it go.

Do you ever stop and look at the negative thoughts you have or do you try to sweep them under the rug and pretend they are not there?

Negative ThoughtsAn Opportunity to release

Negative thoughts are an opportunity to release old destructive patterns, an opportunity to release limiting beliefs that keep you stuck so use them to your benefit! Here is a way to do that.

1. Go into neutral curiosity mode, not trying to change the thought but just observing it. Ask yourself what does this thought make me feel? Where did this thought come from?

2. Listen for your own intuitive answers and do not judge them when they surface. The beliefs that come out can sound silly to an adult but to a childhood aspect of yourself they were very real and often taken very literally.

3. Ask if this is your belief or someone else’s usually it is a belief from an authority figure in our childhood and no longer apply’s to our lives. Let it go. If it is your core belief ask yourself how it is serving you. (Yes I said how not IF because everything serves us) If you are okay with it and just needed to understand it and how to better apply it in your life, great! keep it and put it to positive use. IF not then you have the choice to change it moving forward.

Do you get to know your thoughts? Have you ever used them to move you forward?

An Opportunity to healnegative thoughts

Negative thoughts can be viewed as wounded warriors that need your love and care. They are aspects of yourself that have been shunned and silenced, suppressed and thrown into the dark. So taking the time to offer your support to them so that they can be healed is how you can really release and heal the effects of those deep seeded beliefs that have stood in your way.

It is all about the perspective of viewing part of ourselves that is bad that creates this division inside of us. When we take the time to ask why we start to understand and take ownership and that is when we find that we have a choice… that is where we find our freedom.

Will you take the opportunity to claim wholeness the next time a negative thought pops up?