Be WITH your body not against it

Do you have a relationship with your body?

Is it a love-hate relationship or is it one that has communication and understanding?  Do you ever take the time to be with your body?

Your body have many ways to talking to you and I am on a mission to help you cultivate a healthy communicative relationship with yours. Your body is always expressing, physically, your emotional and mental state of being. Your mind does not know the difference between thought and reality and you can understand that by thinking of biting into the sourest thing you can think of and you will feel your jaw clench and you will start to salivate. It does not matter if something is “real” or not, the body will physically respond as if it is. It is the same with emotions except more often, emotion is expressed by the involuntary physical expression like elevated heartbeats, tears, hormones being released, and organs breaking down the chemicals within the body.

“When the internal signals you receive from your body match your values and the actions you take, you will likely feel calm, peaceful and aligned. When you’re not aligned (in other words, when you override your body’s signals and take action that is different from what you really want) you may feel overwhelmed, upset or disconnected.” – Neha Sangwan, M.D.

What values do you go against the most and how does your body tell you that you are?

Why would you talk to my body?

Why would you want to have an open dialogue between you and your body? Well because it holds a TON of wisdom and a bare minimum excused for listening to your body is because it has been with you since you were born, will be with you until you die, and it has with your bodybeen most likely treated like an overworked underpaid worker for a long time. Really though “If you treated your body like a once in a lifetime, loyal, hard working, amazing employee would your day to day look any different?”

I include myself in this part because in this society we are told to go against our body’s all day every day it is a learned behavior that has become automatic and we have busy lifestyles that demand a lot of us. So I understand that take time out to cultivate a relationship with your body may seem a little odd but humor me and try it and see what happens. There are quick and simple ways to connect with your body, the simplest being breathing and calling your attention to your body. The benefits of doing this type of self-awareness are endless and very powerful in living your day to day life in a balanced and sustainable way.

What benefits do you see happening if you took the time to really be with yourself every day?

Are there limits?

Sometimes I get asked, are there limits to how you can have a relationship and communicate with your body. The answer is no, there are none, you are always with it and have the time and capability to connect with yourself – and it doesn’t cost a dime.

You do not need to be in a specific state of wellness and there is no harm in asking when you are sick or in pain. with your bodyWhen you dedicate time to show your body that you can be present when it does not feel well you are setting a new standard for your own self-care.  Trust me your body thanks you!

That doesn’t mean it might not take a little practice at first but the more you show up to be present with yourself the easier it becomes. I have also found the more practice I took communicating with my body the faster the process went and it was more comfortable and actually quite relaxing and fun.

So try it out, maybe you already have, do you struggle with being present with yourself or listening to your body’s cues?


When is the best time to stop and have a little chat with your body? Answer: Now!

Anytime is the best time and you don’t have to always expect that you will be feeling badly either. You might actually see that there are parts of your day that you do feel well and other times not so much. The trick is to be unconditionally present and not judge yourself for having a pain, illness, low emotion, or “bad” thoughts. Just be with yourself as you are in that moment and be curious – Why do you feel this way body? Listen for the answer – Don’t try to find or make up an answer – Listen, you will get a thought (that may not make any sense) with your body but when you listen to actually listen you are giving yourself space and presence and that is self-love.

Start asking your body questions throughout the day – How are you feeling and do a little search from head to toe. What do you need to feel supported today? (Listen for the answer) Why are we sick today? If you are having trouble you can start out with yes or no questions. Was this tension headache from doing too much today? Things like this will help you build the relationship and show yourself that you really do care.

Have you ever asked your pain why it was there, without judgment, and then listened for the answer – what happened?


There are no boundaries when it comes to where you can do this, I do it while I’m in traffic all the time. As you become accustomed to connecting with yourself you can do it in an instant and not have to be in a meditative state. You can do it at work, at home, while you walk, when you lay down to sleep the places you can do this are endless. You are always available to you and the only thing in between you and yourself is the connection you are willing to make.

with your bodyIn the beginning, sometimes it is easier to close your eyes as you practice and if you choose to do this please don’t do it in the car or while you could get hurt with your eyes closed but a great way to practice is to try and connect with yourself while you are doing something that you think is too “busy” for you to connect – with your eyes open! This creates an even deeper relationship with yourself as you show up more consistently and do not make any excuses for why you can’t.

Where do you think you are too busy and can not have a conversation with your body?


How do you build a relationship and build your communication skills with your body? Think of this practice as befriending your body the way to connect with others is through communication, making one another feel safe, heard, and cared for. Try this –

  • Take a couple of deep breathes in and close your eyes (if you are in a safe place to close your eyes)
  • Bring your awareness to the top of your head and give yourself a “scan” down to your toes. Along the way notice any spots that are tight, in pain or feel weighed down by something. with your body
  • Bring your attention to the spot that is “yelling the loudest” and say to yourself – I am here
  • Take a couple more deep breaths to help clear away any judgments that may be coming into your mind and just relax into a space of neutrality and openness.
  • With your focus on this discomfort in your body ask it as if it is your friend sitting next to you – Is there something I can do to help you feel supported? Then just relax and listen allow whatever comes up, don’t try to force it.
  • When something comes up and it is an action/non-action you can commit to, affirm that you will do it and set a time/date to do it – just like if you were meeting that friend for lunch, (preferably today!) but do not commit to something you can not do, this will only continue the self-abandonment cycle.
  • Ask if there is anything else you need to know and listen. Thank it for coming forward and let it know that you are here for it.
  • Breathe a few deep breaths again and open your eyes.

It can take some practice when you are not used to taking time out for yourself and really listening to the signals of your body but I promise it gets easier. If you need support this is my specialty so please feel free to ask any question or schedule a call with me.

After you complete this exercise come back and tell me how you feel, you may find that that pain point has dissipated a little bit.

I just opened my new 10-week program last week that goes much more in depth to how to put this into With your bodyeveryday life.

You will learn:

  • What the meanings of your pains are
  • How your body reacts to your thoughts and emotions
  • How to use the negative to develop the positive
  • How to no longer be controlled by your pain and stress because you will know what they mean and how to find the root cause and correct it.
  • How to recall the beliefs, emotions, and embodiment of what is trying to be expressed
  • How to release suppressed emotions, limiting beliefs, and blocked paths of energy within the body
  • How to replace the old and build a new foundation, structure, and process for your future

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